This game's goal is for falling squirrel to jump and shoot chest nuts.
There is a beautiful forest.
A squirrel is playing on leaf boat.
Cute squirrel is hungry.
There are many delicious chest nuts on the branches.
Can squirrel can shoot all the chest nuts?
If chest nuts appear, touch screen then squirrel will jump.
If touch screen again in the jump state, squirrel will shoot chest nut.
If bird come near in the game play, avoid bird with jumping.
Help squirrel to shoot all the chest nuts!
Imagine cheek which is full of chest nuts.
Isn't it cute?
There will be a cute squirrel which is playing happily on the leaf.
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Published Jun 18, 2017
Made withConstruct
Tagschest-nuts, Forest, jump, shoot, squirrel, touch

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