This game's goal is for primitive man to run continuously avoiding obstacles.
Here is desert where you can see sands, rocks and cactuses.
A primitive man is running on the hot desert.
The primitive man is running toward some where.
Dinosaurs is comming from primitive man's back and pterosaurs is comming from sky.
You must avoid all these dinosaurs and pterosaurs.
If running dinosaurs are comming from back, then touch left jump arrow and avoid dinosaurs.
If flying pterosaurs are comming from sky, then touch right run-faster arrow and avoid pterosaurs.
Avoid dinosaurs and pterosaurs!
Let our primitive man be able run continuously without hurt.
Primitive man run! Isn't it funny?
Primitive man run! Go go!
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Published Jun 18, 2017
Made withConstruct
Tagsarrow, back, Dinosaurs, fly, jump, primitive-man, pterosaurs, run, sky

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